SCPC opens Procedure over Ivanov’s promotions at ARM

On Thursday, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) opened a procedure regarding President Gjorge Ivanov’s promotions within the ARM’s frameworks. According to SCPC President Biljana Ivanovska, the promotions and appointments took place in an election period, which the Electoral Code bans. “We will file a request to President Gjorge Ivanov for the whole documentation to be sent to us so that we act on the case,” she stressed. On the other hand, Ivanov’s Cabinet said the Decrees had been adopted upon a proposal from the Defence Ministry and ARM General Staff, in accordance with their competences, in a procedure that had lasted several months and that represented a regular obligation in the scope of smooth functioning of the state. The SCPC has also received 200 new nepotism complaints by political parties. Regarding the Special Prosecutor’s Office, he said it had failed to meet citizens’ expectations.