PS Xhaferi to have Final say Over 11 laws not Signed by President Ivanov

PS Talat Xhaferi will have the last say also on the 11 laws President Gjorge Ivanov has refused to sign because they contain the country’s new name. They are expected to be sent to the Official Gazette only with Xhaferi’s signature, as was the case with both the Prespa Agreement and the Languages Law. However, they will first need to be voted through once again. In such cases, laws are once again reviewed in third reading in the 30-day period after their adoption. Once they are adopted again, the President is bound to sign them. However, in this case, it is completely certain that it will not happen and that Xhaferi will once again need to make the final decision. VMRO-DPMNE considers Ivanov’s actions to be completely legal, whereas Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani is of the opinion that Ivanov has continued “his destructive policy”.