Greek politicians comment on Several Prespa Agreement aspects

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis complained in the EP over the name deal, saying it was producing new problems instead of resolving issues. He reiterated the stand that the recognition of the Macedonian language and nation is the biggest mistake in Greek history. The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Spirtzis confirmed that Greece still hadn’t put the signs containing the new name. “There are international and European regulations about the tables. A table with North Macedonia’s name will be put. Where the direction towards some city will need to be shown, the table for that city will remain, something which I will agree with the Minister. However, I want to comment on something as well. When the tables show the city’s name, we cannot put the country’s name because that will have some unpleasant impressions,” the Minister stressed. According to Spirtzis, there are a lot of people who oppose the Agreement in Greece, so the tables will most likely be destroyed once they are put. He is adamant that the name of Thessaloniki’s Makedonia Airport will not change. As far as Macedonia’s European path is concerned, PM Alexis Tsipras stated that a refusal of a start of accession negotiations would be a decision benefitting the forces of backsliding and nationalism, the Athens-Macedonian news agency reported.