Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts’ positions Approximated

There is approximation of the positions of the Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts for historical, archaeological and educational issues, established in accordance with Article 8 paragraph 5 of the Prespa Agreement. This is the conclusion arising from the 22 and 23 March meeting, Ambassador Viktor Gaber, who is also Co-President of the Macedonian team, said on Monday. As the Commission said, the contents of textbooks in Macedonia and Greece will be prepared in line with UNESCO and Council of the European Union standards. History and geography textbooks for the primary education sector have been among those reviewed so far. The goal, according to the Commission, is to iron out parts of textbooks that contain irredentism for both sides. The standards according to which textbooks will be ironed out allow for several viewpoints to be included in them on some historical figures or the type of treatment they have in textbooks in both countries, such as, for example, Gligor Prilicev.