Bodies of Cessna Passengers recovered from Crash Site at Solunska Glava

The rescue teams managed to reach the crash site where on Tuesday a small aircraft of the type Cessna crashed and all of its four passengers lost their lives. The bodies of the Bulgarian family, one man, one woman and two girls, were recovered from the crash site, where temperatures are still low in this period of the year and the terrain is still covered by snow. The identity of the deceased passenger remains unknown. The aircraft took off from Ohrid Airpot on Tuesday around 03:00 p.m., and disappeared from the radars about an hour later. Unfavourable weather conditions are believed to be the reason for the crashing of the Cessna. The Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov said in a press conference that he is in constant contact with the Macedonian authorities and PM Zoran Zaev in order to acquire more details about the accident.