MoI receives Czech Donation of 1 Million Euros

The Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and his Czech Counterpart Jan Hamáček signed Tuesday an agreement for a Czech donation to the Macedonian Interior Ministry worth 1 million euros. “Today’s event is not significant only in aspect of further modernisation and upgrade of the capacities of the Interior Ministry, but also as great proof of the excellent bilateral cooperation between our countries. With this donation, we proceed with the realisation of our mutual goals for establishing high security standards, which are in the interest of all citizens. We have intense cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Interior, especially since 2016 when we cooperated to maintain the safety at the South border during the migrant crisis,” Spasovski said. Hamáček said that the Czech Republic will keep on providing support to Macedonia and assist its Euro-Atlantic integrations, evaluating the cooperation between the two countries as excellent.