Presidential candidates Continue activities

Five days before the first round of the presidential elections, the candidates continued their activities. The candidate supported by the SDSM-led coalition, Stevo Pendarovski, paid a visit to, Vrapciste, Debar, Kicevo, Centar Zupa and Mavrovo Rostusa. “The concept I advocate is a one that leads towards development, towards the EU and NATO. Therefore, in the elections, mass support is needed so that the positive changes continues,” he stated. Also, Pendarovski delivered an address at a rally in Gostivar. The candidate supported by the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition, Gordana SIljanovska Davkova, met culture workers, members of the City of Skopje’s Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing and representatives of Eco Planet, an environmental association. Also, she held rallies in the Municipalities of Gazi Baba and Aerodrom, at which she criticised the current government, saying a huge number of things had to change in order for the situation in Macedonia to be improved. On his Facebook profile, the leader of the opposition party, Hristijan Mickoski said public administration employees shouldn’t allow to be intimidated. In that regard, he urged them to vote in accordance with their views. Also, during a visit to Sisevo, the VMRO-DPMNE leader described the elections as a chance to defeat Zaevism’s representatives. According to VMRO-DPMNE, through a mobile phone app, SDSM members are gathering data, photos and other documents through which they are getting full insight into the internet activates of all citizens. The party called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to react. VMRO-DPMNE considers that the data are most likely used for other activities in order to influence the voting, but also for other political goals of the government. The ruling party denied the accusations.