FM Dimitrov visits Netherlands

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov paid an official visit on Wednesday to the Netherlands. Dimitrov met Michael Stibbe, the EU Advisor to the Dutch PM, Dutch MPs Peter Omtzig and Klaas Dijkhoff and the former Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders. In the meetings, Dimitrov introduced the interlocutors to the progress of Macedonia towards integration in NATO and EU done in the past few years. “If 3 years ago we had the characteristics of an “imprisoned state”, today North Macedonia is a spark of hope for the entire region. Our goal is to improve processes in society necessary for our integration in the EU, and we can only do that with proper motivation and reforms,” Dimitrov said. The FM Dimitrov also met the Dutch Human Rights’ Ambassador Marriët Schuurman, who welcomed the efforts of Macedonia to respect the rights of all communities in the country.