Government: Law determines Conditions for Use of Flags of Other Countries

The Governmental Spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski commented on behalf of the government on Thursday the incident in Ohrid when a folk dance ensemble from Kosovo hoisted a 15-metre long Albanian flag over the wall of the Samuel Fortress. “The laws clearly define where, when and how a flag of a foreign country can be shown in public and hoisted. Any violation of this law is and will be sanctioned, no matter which national flag it is. The law clearly specifies the occasions in which the Albanian flag can be hoisted in public, and its usage outside these regulations is punishable by law,” Bosnjakovski said. The PM Zoran Zaev made a similar statement during his meeting with Strumica-based business owners. “The laws clearly state the proper usage of flags, and we all have to learn to respect those laws,” Zaev said. Previously, the Vice-PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani said that the law allows the use and hoisting of the Albanian flag anywhere in Macedonia. One of the Kosovo group was fined and exiled from Macedonia after the incident.