Pendarovski: I will be President for All People

The presidential candidate of SDSM Stevo Pendarovski held a press conference after the State Electoral Commission (SEC) presented the results of the 2nd round of the 2019 presidential election and declared him winner. “I will be the President of all people, reach out to the Government on all important projects but also give my observations and make suggestions, work in the citizens’ interest. I will be a head of state who you are not ashamed of. You decided at these elections that we should move forward together. Today we saw a proud country, a wise nation, a victory of the majority of citizens of North Macedonia, regardless of ethnic or political affiliation. Today the citizens won, whom I will humbly serve. These elections are a victory of unity. I am joining the leadership of this country for a Euro-Atlantic North Macedonia. I will promote the rule of law and support all citizens, I will unify not divide, I will be a factor of stability not one of crises,” Pendarovski said. The PM Zoran Zaev also addressed the press conference, thanking all the citizens for the support they provided for Pendarovski to become the new President of Macedonia. “We had successful democratic election, and we elected a President who will lead our country on the way towards integration in NATO and EU. This is a victory of the concept that unites the citizens of North Macedonia and leads them towards brighter and prosperous future. With this electoral process, we showed the world that we are ready to become part of the EU,” Zaev said.