Reactions after Pendarovski’s inauguration as President

After the ceremony at which Stevo Pendarovski was inaugurated as the new President, SDSM MP Frosina remenski said she expected progress. “We’re convinced that Pendarovski will lead forward, that he will be the guide of progress, development and EU and NATO integration, as well as a guarantee of processes that ensure secure and stable future. Among the first steps we expect is him signing the blocked laws that are of exceptional importance to citizens,” she stated. On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki stated that Pendarovski had political mortgage. “A big number of people didn’t vote for him and give their trust, but he received political credit from politicians and parties that will expect that credit to be paid back to them. The paying back of that credit will not be by Pendarovski. In the coming period, we will see which bills will arrive at the expense of the state, Government and institutions,” he stressed. Milososki also commented on Zaev’s decision to use days off during the inauguration. “It’s not about illness or another urgent problem, which is very strange,” the VMRO-DPMNE MP stressed. Commenting on Milososki’s statement, DUI’s Grubi said the biggest invoice was consensuality. “Pendarovski is a candidate of ours and we consider that we are a crucial and decisive factor in his victory. There’s no reason for us to deliver invoices about a candidate of ours that won these elections,” he stated. The DUI MP added that he wished for Pendarovski to lead in the big reconciliation that should be ahead among all political parties, all political stakeholders and all leaders in Macedonia. BESA, too, congratulated Pendarovski. However, as MP Fadil Zendeli stated, the party expects consistency in terms of his election processes. “We are in direction of cooperating with him, as he himself has asked us to, in terms of reforms and all processes related to Euro-integrations. However, as an opposition, we will follow his steps to see whether he acts like he promised in the elections,” he noted. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated that he believed the relations between Skopje and Belgrade would improve. “I believe the small misunderstandings that existed in the previous period will be overcome,” he pointed out, adding that he would officially invite Pendarovski to visit Belgrade. On his official Facebook page, Pendarovski’s predecessor, Gjorge Ivanov, said he had served as President with great honour, satisfaction and responsibility. According to him, Macedonia will be prosperous and successful only if its citizens are united and mutually respect one another.