VMRO-DPMNE continues Criticism of MP Bogoevski

On Wednesday, VMRO-DPMNE once again criticised MP Pavle Bogoevski to resign over the audio recording, in which, according to the party, he can be heard ordering cocaine. “Pavle Bogoevski no longer has the credibility to represent citizens in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, he must resign. That is the only way in which a professional and impartial investigation will be enabled so that it is found out from whom he was ordering ‘a half’ that is nicely packaged. We believe that that will reveal the narco chain operating throughout Skopje. That is the only way in which SDSM can show that Macedonia is becoming a European country in which accountability exists. Only that way we will make a step forward from the past, when all cocaine affairs, especially when SDSM was the ruling party, remained unsolved,” spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski stated.