Reactions to decisions Announced after Sunday’s SDSM Central Board session

Commenting on the decisions announced after the session of SDSM’s Central Board on Sunday, Skopje Mayor Petre SIlegov, who’s among the six persons that are no longer Vice Presidents of the party, said there should be a distinction between the words “dismissed”, “replaced” and “resigned”. “I, together with the other friends, SDSM Vice Presidents, had offered our resignations last week and the Central Board accepted them yesterday,” he noted. According to Silegov, people with integrity submit resignations. As the Mayor added, the policies and strategies made by him in the past 18 months are yet to come. The same day, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said SDSM had made great decisions. “That is a decision of the President of the party who nominates the officials, but doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that all of us agreed we had to change, improve, strengthen the structure of the party,” the Minister stated. Spasovski is part of the six former Vice Presidents, too. Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski stated he had full trust in PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev’s decisions. According to Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev, all state officials should be aware that their term will one day end. “I, personally, am relaxed when it comes to that issue. I think that anyone answering that question apart from the PM is unseriousness. I have nothing to answer more,” he stated. Asked whether he thought he would continue his ministerial term, Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu, who is a member of DUI, stated that it would an assessment that first should arise from citizens and from political strictures. “Each decision of theirs will be respected. The most important thing is for the Government’s programme to be implemented. Changes are normal in democratically developed countries,” he stressed.