EU Ambassador Zbogar hands Over report to Pendarovski, Zaev and Xhaferi

“Today, we’ve received the best EC Progress Report on North Macedonia,” President Stevo Pendarovski said after Wednesday’s meeting at Villa Vodno at which the EU Ambassador to Macedonia, Samuel Zbogar, handed over the EC’s document. As the President added, he expects a date to start negotiations to be given in June. “I hope that the Republic of North Macedonia will not be just a collector of positive reports and that we will get in June a date for negotiations,” Pendarovski stated. According to him, each additional delay will be demotivating and represent encouragement for “the anti-European politicians”. Pendarovski considers that all politicians should recognise the moment and support the process because this is the first such document without additional conditions. PM Zoran Zaev, too, expressed satisfaction. “Today, we’ve received the most positive Report. We hope that we will get a date after a 14-year wait,” he said. Also, the PM expressed gratitude for all positive assessments. However, he added that the remarks, too, were being followed. “We will continue the reforms we’ve started to realise, primarily for our citizens to live in well-being,” Zaev noted. According to PS Talat Xhaferi, the Report clearly shows that the country has fully achieved and met the recommendations presented last June. Macedonia, he added, expects the EU to adhere to its orientation for open doors for enlargement. According to Zbogar, Macedonia is the only country where government and opposition members discuss reforms. He also praised the country for having no problems with its neighbours. “The country is ready to start negotiations,” the Ambassador pointed out, adding that the reforms should continue because much more work should to be done.