Janeva says Positive signals Exist about Public Prosecutor’s Office Draft Law

“There are positive signals that the Public Prosecutor’s Office Draft Law will be adopted as soon as possible. We’ll see how the Special Prosecutor’s Office will continue to work,” Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva said on Wednesday. According to her, both the international community and the government are giving clear instructions, unlike the opposition, which is personally affected. In that regard, Janeva added that a person that was covered by a pre-investigative and investigative procedure and that presented qualifications on both the Special Prosecutor’s Office and her personality couldn’t be part of the negotiations. “In this regard, I’m referring to Antonio Milososki,” the Special Prosecutor’s Office head stated, adding that the VMRO-DPMNE MP was getting carried away with his statements. Milososki responded to her comments. “My modest comment would be, considering her wage which is so high, it would have been useful for both her and the public if she had read some good book to enrich her vocabulary, considering it’s already late to improve the low average from the Faculty of Law,” the MP tweeted. Despite Janeva’s expectations about the process, the parties’ stands remain unchanged. According to the Ministry of Justice, a new meeting hasn’t been scheduled, whereas the party led by Hristijan Mickoski expects the Minister, Renata Deskoska, to accept its demands.