Zaev: Potential delay of Decision on negotiations to Put government in Danger

According to PM Zoran Zaev, the EU potentially delaying the decision on membership negotiations will put the government in Macedonia in danger. As he said in Brussels on Wednesday, when it comes to each decision concerning enlargement, the Bundestag must previously give a green light. “The Bundestag must send a message, if they don’t make a decision at the session this week, they most likely have a chance for that at the end of June, if they don’t do that, then it remains for the EU Council in October, which means the Bundestag would vote in October. And a risk then exists of us losing the majority in Parliament because we have really given our all,” Zaev stated. Asked whether a risk existed of pro-Russian and nationalist parties coming to power in such a situation, the PM said that that possibility wasn’t excluded if the EU didn’t deliver as far as its part is concerned. Regarding the reshuffle issue, Zaev stressed that the process depended on the EU’s decision. According to him, if the process take place, less than two-thirds of Government members will be changed, as will around 20-30 managers of large institutions.