Former PM Gruevski refuses to Answer Hungarian journalist’s Questions

On Friday, a Hungarian journalist in Budapest asked former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski questions related to his escape, as well as to his contacts with counterpart Viktor Orban. As can be seen in the video shared by media in Hungary, Gruevski refused to answer. On Saturday, said Gruevski had a secret meeting on Friday with Istvan Joo, Deputy State Secretary for Export Development at Hungary’s Foreign Ministry. According to the Hungarian portal, the meeting was held in the building where’s editorial board is located. As the portal adds, after it had returned from the unsuccessful attempt to get answers from Gruevski to several questions, they encountered Joo. The editorial board immediately contacted the Ministry to find out the reason for the meeting, but the institution said there was nothing unusual for a Ministry employee to be in contact with a person who had been a PM of their country for many years. On Friday afternoon, Gruevski attended a business event called “Budapest business party”.’s editorial board assumes that was the reason for the meeting in the flat.