Polish national Football Team Supporters fined Over fight in City Park


The Polish national football team’s supporters that fought one another in Skopje’s City Park were each fined 150 euros by a judge for misdemeanors, the Criminal Court said on Sunday. 223 supporters were detained and, on Saturday, taken one by one before a judge for misdemeanors on Saturday. “Several supporters were each fined 150 euros. Their passports were taken away until they paid the fine. Afterwards, they were returned to them. It’s about foreign citizens not convicted in this country, which was considered a mitigating circumstance. Such an act doesn’t result in a ban on entry into this country,” it was explained. The supporters, according to information from the Skopje airport, had come with regular flights and most of them left on Saturday. On Friday, prior to the start of the Macedonia-Poland match, a larger group of Polish supporters had gotten into a fight, after which 223 persons were detained and taken by buses to several police stations.