Macedonia-Bulgaria Inter-governmental Commission holds First meeting

The Skopje-Sofia relations are at a highly progressed level, but the historical issues remain, especially those related to the honouring of Goce Delcev’s life and work. This was the conclusion presented on Monday by FM Nikola Dimitorv and his Bulgarian counterpart, Ekaterina Zaharieva, following the first meeting of the joint inter-governmental delegations. Dimitrov stated that the exact finding of an answer to the issue could be a bridge that would strengthen the relations between the two countries, adding that he didn’t see a need for Bulgaria to set any ultimatums regarding its neighbour’s road to integrations. The Bulgarian FM, however, is of the opinion that the historical part is the most important one that should guarantee firmer relations between the two countries. Nonetheless, she expects the working groups in charge of the issue will find a resolution by the end of this year.