Unknown whether Announced change of PE directors will be Discussed Tuesday

Ministers will hold a meeting tomorrow, but it hasn’t been revealed whether they will discuss also the announced change of PE directors. The Government’s Spokesperson explains that a decision on the matter will be made at the session itself. Several days ago, PM Zoran Zaev said the ideas regarding the reshuffle were over, but the uncertainty regarding the negotiations date is making the parliamentary majority uneasy in terms of that it will be able to cling together and that a return of the mandate is possible, too. If everything is as planned, however, changes to directorial positions are expected, while the decision on ministers will be made at the end. The vacant positions at SDSM, too, should be filled. On Wednesday, PM Zoran Zaev will head to Germany, where he is expected to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, too, after which the fate of the negotiations will be known, as will the PM’s future moves.