Dzhambazki: Delcev is Bulgarian, Macedonia is 2nd Bulgarian State in Balkans

The Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki said in an interview for Bulgarian web portal that Goce Delcev is Bulgarian and that the state of Macedonia is in fact a second Bulgarian state in the Balkans. “There was no Macedonian state or nation before 2 August 1944. On that day, a bunch of Bulgarian Bolsheviks and traitors gathered in the cellar of the Prohor Pchinski Monastery, and under the auspices of Moscow, create the so-called declaration for an Anti-fascist Assembly of Macedonia (ASNOM). This idea was supported by the communist centres of power in Serbia, Bulgaria and even in Greece. This is a clear proof that this is a massive forgery of history, and that the people living in present-day Macedonia are without any doubt Bulgarian,” Dzhambazki stated.