Conversation involving Raskovski appears on Russian social Network

A new conversation has appeared on a Russian social network on which Government Sec Gen Dragi Raskovski can be heard talking to some people about procuring a flight control system. On the 15-minute audio, posted on the Expres portal, another two persons can be heard. It is written that they’re an M-NAV board President and a representative of an Italian company. According to the portal, the date for the tender was three days prior and the interlocutors highlight that in the conversation, aware that they’ve broken the law. “After these technicalities the issue that must be resolved, you must extend expiration date of the bid, I think you have done one extension so far, it was until 15 October and now three months, but I think it’s better for the extension to be six months so that you can complete the whole procedure,” Raskovski says in one part of the conversation.  The person signed as President of an M-NAV board, points out that “we should send information that Leonardo wins and that it’s supposed to be chosen with a Management Board decision.” As that person adds, they will send information to Leonardo. “I’m parallelly sending to those from Spain, Indra, that they’ve not been chosen. They have a right to appeal, but that doesn’t postpone the signing of the contract,” they stress. According to VMRO-DPMNE, PM Zoran Zaev should say whether he was aware of the issue and profited from “this scandal”. The party will file a criminal charge on Monday. SDSM, on the other hand, considers that Hristijan Mickoski’s party once again is using fake news. Raskovski tells Kanal 5 TV that there was no action in accordance with procedures for a long time, adding that citizens’ safety in the airspace was endangered. “In the deadline they should give to the Italians for them to respond to the letter, they aren’t doing it on time and that’s why the Italians are extending it, they’re doing us a favour, it’s not that we’re doing something outside the time. And I’m finding out that that extension was done on the 18th day of the month, while their extension is before the 15th, when the deadline expires. However, I’m not familiarised because those are internal procedures. Before the 15th, they notify us that the deadline has been extended until the same date that exists in the conversation,” the Government’s Sec Gen points out. According to Raskovski, the conversation lasts one hour. It includes all details, he added. On Tuesday, the Government Sec Gen will announce all pieces of evidence that, as he said, will confirm everything is in line with the law. The Government defended Raskovski, saying the goal of the audio material is to manipulate the public.