New Democracy’s Dendias: Greece to try to Improve issues closed by Name deal

Greece will try to improve the issues of languages, nationality, citizenship that were closed by the Prespa Agreement to its benefit. This was announced by New Democracy MP Nikos Dendias, whose name is being mentioned as a potential future FM, in an interview with a Greek TV station. According to him, what will be demanded is not a revision of the deal, but rather achievement of changes to provisions of the document, in negotiations with the “other” side. Dendias threatened that Greece would use Macedonia’s negotiations with the EU in order to achieve the goal. “There are issues of the language and of the nationality or citizenship, call them whatever you want. We should try to improve these things. For this, because we have the negotiations with the European Union as a weapon, we will make attempts, but that doesn’t mean they will be 100% successful,” he said. Dendias added that there was no new Democracy MP that would support a change of borders in the Balkans, pointing to the northern neighbour. “The Skopjans should understand one thing. The only ones in the region that have an interest of their existence and aspire for them to exist as a country are us, the Greeks,” he stressed.