Sekerinska, Boskovic visit Krivolak Military Training Grounds

The Vice-PM and Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska and her Montenegrin counterpart Predrag Boskovic visited on Monday the Krivolak military training grounds of the Macedonian Army. “We showed that the regional cooperation is very useful for all of us. Decisive Strike will be one of the greatest army exercises ever conducted in Macedonia, and thanks to it we managed to improve several segments of the Krivolak grounds. We also paid very much attention to the preservation of the environment; we are constantly controlling the terrain in cooperation with the Public Healthcare Institute, making sure the exercises do not pose a threat over the health of the citizens or the surrounding nature,” Sekerinska said. Boskovic congratulated Sekerinska on starting the process for integration of Macedonia in NATO as its 30th member-state. “The bilateral relations between North Macedonia and Montenegro are very good, which was proven with the joint session of both our government this May. Our cooperation in the sector of defence is quite excellent too, and one of the best in the region,” Boskovic said.