Head of SPO Katica Janeva resigns

The Head Prosecutor of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) Katica Janeva announced on Monday that she is officially resigning from her position as head of SPO. In the press release SPO shared on their web site, Janeva says that her resignation will enter into force once the political parties in the Parliament of Macedonia reach an agreement over the new Law on Public Prosecution. “I was elected and appointed at this position as a result of an agreement between the major political parties, and I gave a promise to myself and all the citizens of North Macedonia that I will work only in the interest of justice. It was a great honour for me to be the head of this wonderful team of professionals with outstanding dedication and hard work. In the past few months, I was following all the news outlets concerning the negotiations between the parties concerning the new Law on Public Prosecution, and I no longer want my name to be used as someone’s alibi for jeopardising the fate of SPO and the integration in the EU of my country,” Janeva writes in the announcement. Later on Monday, Kanal 5 TV reported that police teams are conducting a search in the home of Katica Janeva and that one of her mobile telephones has been confiscated. Several media reported of possible connections of Janeva with 1TV co-owner Bojan Jovanovski, who was arrested on Monday for money laundering and influencing lenient treatment for a third party prosecuted by the authorities.