Ruskovska: Current Evidence related only to already known Suspects

In an interview for TV 24, the Public Prosecutor for Organised Crime Vilma Ruskovska revealed details of the investigation over the “Racket” case, in which 1TV owner Bojan Jovanvoski and businessman Zoran Mileski were determined 30-day detentions for suspicions of extortion and money laundering. “The evidence we acquired so far are only related to the two prime suspects in this investigation. There is always possibility for us to broaden the investigation if we acquire evidence pointing out other entities involved in the case. During the searches conducted in their homes, we found large amount of weapons in the home of the second suspect, and we are to investigate whether he held the weapon with permission or not. We also confiscated computers, as well as branded clothes and jewellery from the home of the first suspect, as well as a mobile phone from a public prosecutor, but we are yet to investigate those pieces of evidence. We still have no indications whatsoever about which public prosecutor is involved in this case, which is why I cannot make any comments on the alleged involvement of Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva in this case. However, I believe that his case should not jeopardize the credibility of the Special Public Prosecution,” Ruskovska said.