Zaev: Party Leaders’ Meeting with or without Mickoski

The PM Zoran Zaev once again called the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski to attend the party leaders’ meeting on Friday. “This meeting will take place, no matter Mickoski’s decision whether to attend it or not. I do not intend to grant wishes for early elections, although I know that the incumbent authorities will win them. I will not do that because it could harm the people’s economic perspectives. I am prepared to talk on what Mickoski insists. We might not agree on all issues, but we need to talk first. We are obliged to do this. We need to clear up all dilemmas and guarantee a successful census. The country desperately needs this census, because of the economic parameters, the next stage of the decentralization process, fair distribution by regions, health and education policies. I know no arguments to avoid this issue,” Zaev said during a press conference in the government.