Janeva: I am not involved in “Racketeering” Case in any way

The Head of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) Katica Janeva held a press conference on Tuesday in the premises of SPO, commenting on the writings in the media about her alleged involvement in the “Racketeering” case, where she is believed to have been influenced by 1TV owner Bojan Jovanovski and businessman Zoran Mileski to act out decisions with milder consequences over third parties involved in ongoing investigations and court cases. “I was aware that after taking the helm of the Special Public Prosecution, I would be the target of all kinds of attacks and political bickering. However, I don’t want to leave the wrong impression. I accepted the job amid very difficult circumstances, fully aware I would be the target of attacks to discredit my personal reputation. I filed my resignation because I don’t want to be someone else’s alibi for the country’s European integration process. But, I confirm I will not, in any way, interfere in the final outcome of the “Racketeering” case. I have never, in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, misused the duties I’m still performing. I publicly encourage the judicial bodies to fully investigate all the circumstances involving the “Racketeering” case,” Janeva told the reporters, after which she left the hall without answering to any of their questions.