Macedonia, Bulgaria sign Protocol for Combatting Human Trafficking

The Vice-PM and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and the Bulgarian Vice-PM and Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov signed on Tuesday in Ohrid the Protocol for Cooperation between Macedonia and Bulgaria for combatting human trafficking. “The protocol is the latest agreement between the two countries after the signing of the Good-neighbourliness treaty in 2017. Trafficking in human beings is a topic where the European institutions not only talk but do a lot because it is one of the crimes against the person,” Karakachanov said. Interior Minister Spasovski accented the importance of this Protocol for the Balkan region. “With this cooperation, we as sending a sign that the Balkan countries are ready to deal with this problem and that they can be credible partners of the EU,” Spasovski said. Answering questions of journalists, Karakachanov commented on the ongoing bilateral relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria in the context of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement and the recent debates over the origins of certain historical personae. “Both the governments of PM Zoran Zaev and PM Boyko Borissov had done more in the past two years than all the other governments of the two countries in the past 20 years. North Macedonia should be certain that the Bulgarian government is its friend, a partner and a factor that will fully support its intentions for becoming an EU member-state,” Karakachanov underlined.