Matka case: Procedure for Criminal prosecution of Bexheti initiated

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption has initiated a procedure for criminal prosecution of Saraj Mayor Blerim Bexheti because of the illegally built structures at Lake Matka. After the insight on the spot and the insight into the full documentation, the Commission found Bexheti had had a legal obligation to reject the requests for legalisation of the temporary facilities, but he had instead been keeping those cases in a drawer. As a result of that non-action, the Commission considers that the Local Self-Government Law was violated. Also, the Commission will send a proposal to the Government for the Municipality’s obligations to be taken over by the Minstry of Transport and Communications and for the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning to declare Matka a protected area. Additionally, Monday’s session saw the Commission form a case about the illegal facilities in the Municipality of Ohrid, as well as about Government Sec Gen Dragi Raskovski’s tender related to air traffic.