Reactions to Recording published by “La Verita”

After the publication of a video recording of Italian newspaper “La Verita” of “Racketeering” case suspects Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Mileski taking from businessman Orce Kamcev 1.5 million euros in cash in his house, VMR-DPMNE demanded immediate resignation by the entire government led by PM Zoran Zaev. “This video is clear proof that there is no justice in Macedonia, and there never will be, as long as the state is run by the criminal government of SDSM and Zoran Zaev. Today we finally see that the Public Prosecution (PPO) and Vilma Ruskovska intentionally stall the investigation and manipulate the Macedonian public for almost a month. The entire judicial system of Macedonia works in favour of Zaev and tries to cover his involvement in this case. They all must take responsibility for this major scandal. We need to have snap election as soon as possible and stop the major robbery this government conducts,” said VMRO-DPMNE Sec Gen Igor Janusev at a press conference. From SDSM they insist on sooner resolution of the case, adding that they still pledge for rule of law in Macedonia. “The video published today by “La Verita” is clear proof that this whole thing is a scenario with previous planning. We can see that many organisations from North Macedonia and abroad are doing lots of thing to hinder the Euro-Atlantic integrations of our country,” said Kostadin Kostadinov from SDSM.