SPO Prosecutor Josifovska provides Statement on “Racketeering” Case

Prosecutor Elizabeta Josifovska from the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) went on Monday to the basic Public Prosecution (PPO) in order to provide a statement in relation to the “Racketeering” case. Josifovska recently confirmed that her signature is on the document that returns the passport to the “Empire” case defendant and “Racketeering” case witness, businessman Orce Kamcev. Josifovska said that in absence of SPO Head Katica Janeva she was authorised to sign the decision for Kamcev’s passport, which was approved by Janeva herself. Josifovska also pointed out that she had no knowledge whatsoever about criminal activities connected to the return of Kamcev’s passport. SPO Prosecutor Lile Stefanova is also expected to provide her statements about the “Racketeering” case on Tuesday. Stefanova attended a new hearing over the “Titanic” case at the Skopje Criminal Court on Monday, but on her way in and out of the court building she avoided the journalists and did not provide any comment. In meantime, Janeva has officially ended her summer holiday and returned to work at SPO, but there is still no information whether she was also called by PPO to provide statements about the “Racketeering” case.