Sekerinska on “Racketeering” Case: No one is above the Law

The Deputy PM and Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska believes that all involved in the “Racketeering” case should be held responsible and face justice. “We are all equal before the law, and we provide our constant support to judicial institutions in the struggle against crime and corruption. This country has changed, and today when some recordings are published, no one claims they are edited or cut or tampered with. The PM Zoran Zaev was the first one to report to the Public Prosecution (PPO) information about this case, prompting them to open an investigation. We showed that none of us is protected from the law, and no one can and should expect political protection by the government if they have committed crimes,” Sekerinska said at a press conference. Answering a journalist’s question about whether the “Racketeering” case can affect the negotiations between the government and the opposition on the Draft-law on Public Prosecution, Sekerinska said that the negotiations are already taking too much time. “If we had anything to hide, then we would not bother this much with the adoption of the Draft-law. We call on the opposition to demonstrate will and dedication for dialogue and for implementation of processes necessary for our integration in NATO and the EU,” Sekerinska said.