Zaev: Consensus over Draft-law on PPO is Best Solution

The PM Zoran Zaev believes that a consensus between the government and the opposition is the best solution for the adoption of the Draft-law on Public Prosecution (PPO) in the Parliament. “Alternatives exist for times like these, when the government and VMRO-DPMNE cannot reach an agreement over adoption of some laws. However, I would like this issue to be resolved through consensus between the government and the opposition, because this way the laws we adopt gain a broader support. I believe that in the next few days we can achieve a lot, since we are pressured by time frameworks, so that our country can start the membership negotiations with EU this October,” Zaev said during his visit of the Bucim Mine on occasion the National Day of Miners. On Tuesday, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska announced that if agreement over this law is not reached, the government will try to resolve the future status of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) with changes to the law on Council of Public Prosecutors.