Businessman Micevski and TV Host Filipovska Questioned for “Racket” Case

Television host, Lila Filipovska and businessman Siljan Micevski have gone to PPO in order to give their statements on the “Racket” case. Filipovska, after spending hour and a half at the Prosecutor’s Office, greeted the journalists outside and did not wish to comment further, while Micevski was accompanied by his attorney and answered questions regarding the money transfer for two hours. Micevski claims that he gave money only to Boki’s International Alliance, and not to pensioner Liljana Todorovska, and also that he will want his money returned. PPO’s visitors were requested to come and give statements by Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska. VMRO-DPMNE are dissatisfied with the lack of inclusion of named associates of Boki 13 into the “Racket” case investigation. They accuse that the fifth months is underway and Ruskovska is still protecting involved politicians from the government and does not call them for questioning.