SPO prosecutors Tell Telma they Shouldn’t leave Building on Frenklin Ruzvelt St

Despite the decision of the Council of Public Prosecutors (CPP), Prosecutor’s Office’s (SPO) prosecutors will not return to their old desks within the frameworks of prosecutor’s offices. Prosecutors from the SPO told Telma TV on Monday that they should go to the building located on Frenklin Ruzvelt Street in the coming days, too, because Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski had entrusted them on Friday with keeping the cases they’d been working at the SPO until it was determined about each case individually which office had competence and which prosecutor would run it. One of the options being considered is the Council temporarily sending part of the SPO prosecutors to offices that will get competence. The other, revealed by CPP President Aco Kolevski, is the organ expanding the systematisation at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime and all prosecutors, including those from the SPO, applying within the frameworks of a competition. The SPO will continue to exist another year and if Parliament nominates a candidate to succeed Katica Janeva, the CPP will elect one, according to Kolevski. The employees, too, will remain at the building, as will the materials, including the wire-tapped ones that are not part of the cases. Joveski is adamant that there will be increased security protocols for them.