PM Zaev meets With PES President Stanishev

On Monday, PM Zoran Zaev held a meeting with PES President and ex-Bulgarian PM Sergei Stanishev in Skopje. Strong support for a positive decision in October, when Macedonia expects to get a date to start membership negotaitions, was expressed from the PES. Stanishev welcomed the Prespa Agreement and the Skopje-Sofia deal and the democratic maturity displayed by Macedonia through Zaev’s and the Government’s policies for adoption of reforms in cooperation with the opposition. Zaev thanked Stanishev for the continued support from the PES for the democratic processes in the country, the Government added in the press-release. The following day, Stanishev met with Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska as well.  The PES, too, issued a press-release about the meeting.