PS Xhaferi returns VMRO-DPMNE’s proposal for Committee of Inquiry

PS Talat Xhaferi has returned, in writing, VMRO-DPMNE’s proposal for a Committee of Inquiry to look into the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for further work. As he explained on Friday, the proposal didn’t contain the country’s constitutional name. The opposition party now has 15 days to remove the shortcomings identified by the PS. Reacting to Xhaferi’s decision, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki said, among other things, that the handwriting in the letter rejecting proposal belonged to Parliament Sec Gen Cvetanka Ivanova, not Xhaferi. Ivanova rejected the accusations. The same day, SDSM MP and spokesperson Kostadin Kostadinov stated that the proposal for a Committee was unacceptable.