Investigation into Racketeering case Finished

The Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime and Corruption has finished the investigation into the Racketeering case. One of the suspects in the case, Bojan Jovanovski, was notified about this on Monday, when he was interrogated by prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska. The interrogation lasted less than 60 minutes. His lawyer, Saso Dukovski, said Jovanovski had stated that he wouldn’t exercise his right to remain silent, but Ruskovska had notified him that the investigation was over. As a result, Jovanovski refused to give a statement. Dukovski considers that it’s inadmissible for the investigation to be closed without presentation of the evidence the Office has. He stated that they would appeal the decision according to which the investigation was over and that they would use the 15-day deadline for insight into the evidence not presented so far by the Office. On the other hand, the Office said a suspect could give a statement to defend themselves even when an investigation was over.