Ambassador Thimonier: France still Hasn’t decided on Date issue

According to French Ambassador Christian Thimonier, his country still hasn’t decided on its stand on the issue of a date for a start of EU membership negotiations of Macedonia. He says that the rule of law is very important to France. The Ambassador considers that the general approach to enlargement towards the Western Balkans will be decisive. Regarding the Racketeering case, Thimonier stated that it should be considered realistically and that the impunity of the political elite from both sides should end. “Sure enough, the merits of each country individually will be taken into consideration regarding a date for negotiations, but there is a global vision about the future of the European Union,” Thimonier explains. As he underlines, that vision presupposes a regional dimension that is very important in terms of decision-making. “The merits and individual progress of each country will be valorised separately, but the general approach for the EU enlargement towards the Western Balkans will be most important,” he says regarding the issue of whether Macedonia will be considered in a package with Albania when the decision will be being made. German Ambassador Thomas Gerberich, on his part, is more than optimistic that October will see a positive decision for a start of membership negotiations with Macedonia. “Despite all difficulties and all shortcomings that still persist, North Macedonia has created a successful story of the Western Balkans, especially with regard to the region becoming mutually closer. Over the past three years, the Republic of North Macedonia has closed all open issues with the neighbours,” Gerberich points out. In his view, the country should now get committed to reforms previously adopted by Parliament and supported by the opposition, too.