PACE Adopts Resolution on Post-Monitoring Dialogue with Macedonia

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted on Thursday the Resolution on the post-monitoring dialogue with Macedonia, prepared by the MEPs Lise Christoffersen and Aleksander Pociej. In the Resolution, PACE gives positive remark on the work of the Macedonian government from 2013 till today, but also decided to proceed with the post-monitoring dialogue in the upcoming period in order to properly evaluate the functioning of the democratic capacities, rule of law and independence of judiciary in Macedonia. The Macedonian Member of PACE Nikola Poposki said that 2020 will mark for Macedonia a period of 20 years of post-monitoring dialogue, and 15 years since the country acquired the status of a candidate for EU membership. “Application of laws must precede the constant changes to the regulations. Throughout the year, our country was provided significant assistance by the Venice Commission, GRECO and many other bodies of the EU and the European Commission. I hope that this will be the last time as PACE prolongs the post-monitoring dialogue for our country,” Poposki said. All MEPS that took part in the debate welcomed and praised the progress made by Macedonia on its way towards EU membership.