Ambassador Zbogar: EU remains Committed to country and Region

“You delivered everything asked of you, you did your part. However, in the EU, decisions on these matters are made unanimously, while we, unfortunately, delayed this matter,” EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar says in an interview with MIA. As he adds, though the citizens’ and politicians’ disappointment is understandable, the EU remains committed to Macedonia and to the region. The Ambassador admits that reforms will need to be made also in the decision-making process in the EU itself. Zbogar underlines that enlargement towards the region remains a strategic priority for the EU, which hasn’t changed. In regards to the issue of whether the Russian political and Chinese economic influence in the region will increase after France’s negative stand, he points out that the EU is not against countries having good relations with other ones. “We are not against countries having good relations with the Russian Federation, as well as economic relations with China. It’s up to countries themselves to assess what benefits they get out of that. We’re convinced, and we also received conformation last night from the leaders of all political parties, too, that they see the future of the country in the EU and that they will do everything to speed up the process,” the Ambassador points out.