Draft resolution Condemning outcome of Brussels summit Submitted

Nearly all political groups that are part of the European Parliament submitted on Wednesday a draft resolution condemning the outcome of the summit in Brussels. It’s about an accelerated procedure because the goal is for the resolution to be voted through during the European Parliament’s plenary session that is underway in Strasbourg. The vote should be on Thursday. Among the initiators is also the political group in which French President Emmanuel Macron’s party is. On the other hand, the Identity and Democracy group, in which Marine Le Pen is a member, welcomes the EU’s decision not to allow negotiations to be opened. Those condemning the decision consider that the further delay will cause instability not only in Macedonia and Albania, but also in the whole region. It is said in the draft resolution that the European Council should take responsibility and finally act in accordance with its obligations. Also, it is underlined that it’s necessary for the EU to reach a deal and start negotiations with Skopje and Tirana. It is believed that if that doesn’t happen, the EU’s credibility is damaged not only in the Western Balkans, but also beyond. The previous day, that is, on Tuesday, MEPs had considered the conclusions of the summit in Brussels. Leaders of nearly all bigger political groups fiercely criticised the decision against membership negotiations for Skopje and Tirana.