Ahmeti adamant DUI won’t Form pre-election Coalition with SDSM

Ali Ahmeti is adamant that his party, DUI, will not form a coalition with SDSM in the pre-election period. In his view, neither party will benefit from that. “We still haven’t found common ground over some national issues,” Ahmeti said on Thursday. He considers that though coalitions are logical when it comes to local and presidential elections, that is not the case as far as parliamentary election processes are concerned. “There are still differences in programmes. We have programme differences along national lines,” the DUI leader added. Though there are likely no chances of a pre-election coalition, PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev expects the cooperation with Ahmeti’s party to continue. He trusts Ahmeti because, as he pointed out, the current coalition is based on political programmes and will continue as long as that programme is respected. For now, outside the coalitions led by SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, potential pre-election cooperation is possible also among Bilall Kasami’s BESA and Ziadin Sela’s Alliance for Albanians.