Court issues Press-release Concerning developments Related to fugitive Spasov

Institutions needed a whole week to inform one another and coordinate in the case of Igor Spasov, sentenced in 2012 to 14 years in prison for the murder of Martin Neskovski during the celebration of VMRO-DPMNE’s election victory the previous year, who has escaped from the country. According to a press-release issued by Stip’s Court on Wednesday, on 24 October, by mail, it received a written notification from the Idrizovo Prison, sent three days prior, that Spasov hadn’t reported to further serve his sentence despite the obligation to do so. After the processing of the notification, the following day, the Court submitted to the Stip Internal Affairs Sector an urgent order to bring Spasov to prison. Afterwards, on 28 October, police notified the Court that Spasov wasn’t available to prosecution organs. That was followed by the Court giving consent for a warrant to be issued on the country’s territory. In the press-release, the Court said it had been notified on Tuesday by police that Spasov wasn’t on Macedonia’s territory. After that, it was requested for the Court to give consent for an international warrant to be issued. The institution did so the same day. The Judicial Council will investigate whether judges acted in accordance in the law.