Association of Providers of Communal Providers’ 15th birthday Marked


At the marking of the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Association of Providers of Communal Services, there were open discussions an all problems. There were calls for all aspects and harmful consequences in relation to the start of the implementation of Green Markets Law to be considered. Among the other topics discussed were also communal enterprises’ debts towards state institutions, the problems being caused by the existing decision on the status of employees at such enterprises and the lack of vehicles facing those enterprises. “Public communal enterprises are of exceptional importance to every citizen’s everyday life,” the President of the Association’s Managing Board, Zoran Gorgiev, pointed out. In his address, PM Zoran Zaev underlined the importance of such enterprises in order for citizens to be able to function in a clean, healthy and dignified environment. “It’s up to the Government to maintain the continuity for access of municipalities and of public communal enterprises to programmes for donations and grants for development through domestic, European and other international funds,” he said. More than 80 enterprises are part of the Association.