Zaev Expects Parliamentary Elections to be Held on 12 April

PM Zoran Zaev recommends for the political parties to prepare their MP candidate lists for the early Parliamentary election on 12 April 2020, because the overall procedure around the ratification of the NATO membership is expected to be over by 11 February, when the current Parliamentary composition will be dissolved. “All projection we made show that only Spain remains, which holds Parliamentary elections on November 10 and scheduled construction of Parliament on December 3. That means that we have the whole of December, the whole of January and some 10 days of February and that is more than enough time to realize that I don’t want to send any message to any political party and potential candidate lists for the election not to prepare,” stated PM Zaev and added that he generally expects for the agreed upon 12 April to be respected as the Parliamentary election date. During the placing ceremony of the first electric pillar of the Stip-Probistip transmission line, PM Zaev expressed his concern with the textile worker and employer issue and recommended they make terms in accordance to the law and not based on threats.