Filipce: Clinic Centre Construction to Start Next Year

Health Minister, Venko Filipce announced that the third phase in the construction of the new Clinics Centre, is expected to end by the beginning of the following year and the construction of some of the local infrastructure to start. “We are coordinating with the municipality Gjorce Petrov, who need to grant access to power, water, roadways, which is what we consider as start of the activities,” said Filipce. The Minister also informed that the second phase which is underway consists of electing construction company for the project, for which currently in the running, after passing the first phase, are the German company “Vamed” and the French company “Bouygues construction”. Minister Filipce also appointed Natasa Alulovska as the new Children’s Clinic Director, replacing Katerina Stavric who has resigned 7 months ago. As Economy Director at the Children’s Clinic remains Ridvan Ibraimi.