Environment Ministry: “Ohis” Spill Under Complete Control

Third day after the Ohis spill, there is still no information from the relevant institutions available on the quantity of methyl acrylate monomer has been released and what the air concentration is of the same. The methyl, stationed in three out of the tens of reservoirs at “Ohis” is being cleaned since this February, the chlorine barrels have been exported to Serbia, while 11 other poisons remain, according to claims by the authorities, who wait for them to be transported to Switzerland in order to be destroyed. The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP), supported by the latest information received by the supervisory inspection services, informs the public that the “Ohis” situation is completely under control and that there is no need for panic. Namely, the leak caused by the valve rapture during the washing of the drum happened over a cement tub, which has security function meant for such cases. The leaked fluid has been completely collected, and sawdust has been scattered over the tub in order to absorb anything that might be left. MoEPP Deputy Minister, Jani Makraduli, through his Facebook profile on Saturday wrote that additional inspection has been made that day, and according to the State Environment Inspectorate and the Laboratory AMBIKON at the “Goce Delcev” University in Stip employed by the court, was concluded that the incident has been cleaned up thanks to the quick reaction by all relevant institutions. Makraduli also wrote that the measurements done at the AMBIKON Laboratory show that there is no danger of evaporated components in the proximity of the object. On Saturday, Daniela Kostadinova, Kisela Voda municipal councillor and VMRO-DPMNE member, called the “Ohis” situation ecological catastrophe, blamed PM Zoran Zaev for what has happened and pointed out that during the clean-up, neither Makraduli, nor Kisela Voda Mayor, Filip Temelkovski was available for the panicking citizens.