Koja Meets Zaev and Mickoski in Separate Meetings

The Head of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, Clemens Koja met with PM Zoran Zaev and VMRO-DPMNE Leader, Hristijan Mickoski on Tuesday in separate meetings. Together with PM Zaev, Koja discussed about the integration concept of “one society” which enables equal opportunities for all and contributes toward the domestic stability, and with that the stability of the region. “We are working on the reformation process, the interethnic cohesion and in honest, friendly relations with the neighbours in the region. We are focused toward Europe because that is the strategic goal of the country, together with the NATO membership. This determination already gives the first developed economic results with direct influence over bettering the citizens’ lives. We are aware that there is still much to be done and we believe there is no alternative but EU for the country and the region. We are a responsible Government and we work in the way of strengthening stability in the country and the region,” stated PM Zaev. With Mickoski, Koja discussed about the current happenings in the country and the problems it faces, as well as the upcoming Parliamentary elections. VMRO-DPMNE’s leader pointed out how important the upcoming elections are for the country’s future, and the problems of crime and corruption that fester in the highest echelons of government. The Finnish Ambassador to Macedonia, Kimo Lahdervita also attended the Mickoski-Koja meeting, where he underlined that the cooperation between Macedonia and Finland can be further deepened, especially in the areas of trade exchange and investments. The interlocutors agreed that the European future of Macedonia is of strategic interest the country and the cooperation between VMRO-DPMNE with the European partner states and organizations is of key importance.